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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The generation that knew part 3

OK, lets go on the Health issues and what we know: we know about sexual transmitted disease STD
AIDS and Hepatitis C are transmitted from blood exchange (microscopic) through our capillary vessels found in our mucous membranes in the nose,the anus, the vagina; other STD like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea ,Syphilis,Herpes and so many more, can be transmitted through body fluid as they are from the Bacterium family of diseases. So? Lets use condoms right? I know, what a drag it can be, and sometimes people who are responsible uses the condoms for a while, but because their relationship becomes ''official'' and '' we have fallen in love''the usage of condoms takes a back seat (sort of speak) Huh,...? Not pleasant to get tested, but its the only way isn't it?

We know much more about what's a ''good and a bad food for us; on the other hand, we see famous dietetics ,oncologist, food experts, die at a very early age; Fruits, Vegetable, non-saturated fatty food are a given; what about comfort food? very important to me, as I think a balance diet and relenting to fast food makes for a  happier ''Joe bloe and Jane bloe'' but that's only my take on food. One of the problem seen with all this information about food, is that it makes for lots of people becoming ''obsessed'' to the point of a nevrotic stage. Now we're spending a fortune on some bio produce and products thinking that we will avoid getting cancer or increasing our chance to prevent it. Yeah, I can see that, BUT HALF THE WORLD IS STARVING AND MAYBE YOUR OWN NEIGHBOUR FOR GOD SAKE; don't you feel a bit ''too precious'' sometimes?....ok sorry about that. 

So Science has dominated the forefront of everything that shapes our lives; after we've killed Philosophy and the philosophers, our capacity to think on our own as diminished to the point of reaching a ''compfortably numb'' state of mind thus letting the government and news people do the job for us; the Church use to be our Master of Thoughts but they were dismissed in the 60's for having abused their ''power''.
Mr. Stephen Hawking the great Physicist recently said '' if we want to save the human race, we'll have to start thinking of leaving this planet and begin populating elsewhere in space'' right, this to me, is like buying your second home knowing that the roof is leaking and your basement floor is all cracked. We know that this human race is a messed up one, that thrives on messing up things; so I must say(humbly) that even the ''greatest Physicist'' in the world is not necessarily a '' Metaphysicist'' as most Philosophers agreed that Science alone will never suffice to resolve our be continued...

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