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In deference to Amy Winehouse

I didn't know her music very well. just enough to appreciate her talent; I liked her dressed-up image and stubbornness, and found her very attractive; but her voice was what made her kind of unique. We hear a lot of ''here goes another casualty of drugs&alcohol''! Amy Winehouse is dead because she abused of what became to her a self-medicated ''pain killer'' of the soul, but to be more concrete and realistic, she probably died from an untreated depression.

 Yes, this dreaded word and condition from which so many people suffers these days. Still consider a ''condition for the weak'' is actually a disease. It's one of the least treated disease because of the stigma that comes with the disease (although we are more and more aware and tolerant to it) too many people wait till they can't function anymore to seek help. Drugs&Alcohol exacerbate depression in a slow an insidious way as it gives an illusion of ''bien-être'' and functionality for a while.

 I mean after all the artists who succumbed to these habits have been productive and successful while being users, augmenting the ''Illusion'' that everything is or will be fine. The first symptoms of depression can show up at an early stage of life, often in the teen ages, and either ignored or kept secret to the entourage. When drugs and alcohol are experienced by the symptomatic person at first, it can sometimes have a soothing effect with a confidence boost, relegating the core of the problem to something that will go away.

 For most  people we know now, the body gets more and more tolerant to the substances and the user tends to increase the doses almost inadvertently. That's when the process of self-destruction begins, while some people find solace to seek help, others don't....R.I.P Amy.

Prosecution Appeals case

-- The prosecutors in the Turcotte's trial have appealed the decision and verdict of the 11 jurors who
after 6 days of deliberation came back with a ''criminally non responsible'' verdict; we don't know
which points of law the decision to appeal was made on, but they must have found either, aberrations from
the Judge's interpretation of some facts or probably new evidence that could have been omitted at
the trial; it's all speculation for now.

Turcotte is the Cardiologist who ''butchered'' his two children in
2009 with a knife, around 40 stabs wounds were found on their poor bodies: their names are Olivier
and Anne-Sophie, 3and 5 yrs old. Turcotte admitted killing his children but pleaded ''insane'' at the
time of his acts. The jurors ''bought'' the defense angle with the help of some Psychiatrists testimony
as ''nobody can't be in his sound mind and commit these hideous crimes'' He (Turcotte) lost his mind
after a ''nasty break-up'' with his wife at the time and wanted to get back at his wife (my take on it) and went
for his children instead.

 That is what most people think here in Montreal-Quebec and wish to demonstrate
that Turcotte wasn't in a state of psychosis at the time, but much more in a state of ''pure hatred''with
suicidal ideas; but couldn't find the courage to kill himself, instead went for the ''highest of crimes'' killing
your own. He is now under observation and evaluation in a Psychiatric ward. I don't want to live in a
society that could soon release a man who killed his children and admitted it; we don't need to have
attended the trial to know that somehow this Justice system is broken; too many cases from the past
have had the ''no fault, non responsible'' angle and came up with a favorable outcome for the killers;this
is the last straw being broken and a Manifestation will take place at the Montreal Justice Hall on
August 6th: 11::00 am
Update: Turcotte's Psychiatric evaluation has been re-scheduled to November 2011; a new element of proof in the case has been submitted by the Crown.

Update: The recent evaluation (04/11/2011 of Turcotte's state of mind is ''no psychosis- no depression- more of a child like attitude: '' He wishes to move out of Quebec, reclaim his practice, get married and start a new family; my conclusion again is that he knew what he was doing when butchered his children out of extreme rage and hatred toward his wife.

Hospital foundation....Why?

I never understood the need to have Hospital foundations (maybe you can set me straight with that) especially here in Canada; here's my little logic; most of electoral platforms in democratic countries have as their ''priority'' or as they often say '' our first priority if you elect us'' (priority is always ''first'' gentleman and gentlewomen but anyway), Health Care! ''we will do this and we will do that'' ok, good, we like that, we''ll vote for you; now in the minds of people at large and Governments, it really is ''the number one a prior'' using their pleonasm; so how come when a Hospital needs a new machine, the latest technology in scanners, that we are solicited with either a Telethon or a 24 hour marathon of funding on some radio shows?

 Nothing against that of course, but how come the money for that ''essential machine'' is not released right away, I mean if you hear or read in the news that 5 million dollars have been spent for a major city's hospital new scanner, and that money was aimed at first for the renovation of some bridge or roads, what will you say? I think not much, you'll probably find it natural that the money spent for the latest technology in machines whatsoever, is money well spent, right? For a hospital to have a foundation is one thing, and good for its own maintenance, but when it comes to be in need of urgent updated material, shouldn't the Governments and cities with their ''priority'' budgets, make sure that the equipment is delivered swiftly when it comes to prevention and cures? and to tell you the truth, I think that with all the millionaires out there in major cities, the money in a hospital's piggy bank should always be in the blue.
The generation that knew   part 1

The most informed generation in History could be remembered as ''The one who knew but changed very little''
I remember when my parents and grand-parents (I'm 55) would tell stories an anecdotes about the era they lived in and recalling events that either they participated in or knew about; at the same time, when talking about horrific
events, predicaments and what was happening in the world at the same time, they would often end their say by ''if we'd only knew'' and then retort saying '' we didn't have television back then and we barely had a radio that worked'' ''We would learn about things during the news reel at the movies'' Well, well, who among you still turn on the TV or get the newspaper to know about the latest news? So my issue lingering constantly in the back of my mind since like you, I get my info about the world on Internet which allows me to go on Twitter, face book,and the myriad of news sites by the click of the mouse; OK now then, I have a few interrogations here:
Now we know and we know it fast; I mean even in 1990 the guys were waiting on the premises for the first bomb to explode in Iraq; if a quake or tsunami happen in the far east, we're aware of it within an hour.
We also know that natural disasters happened, have and will happen, unfortunately sooner than later; aren't we suppose to be ready for those and be ready to promptly act with the basic needs for the victims? Like water, basic food and medical first aid supplies? I know, I know, ''its more complicated than that'' but today, I don't buy it anymore; we have the IMF, World bank, monster plane carriers, a zillion charity organizations , Volunteers, and so much more resources, that if well prepared should deliver the relief promptly to the needy

Too much logistic problems in my view and lack of good faith: strong judgement here on my part but I don't care anymore; no way that a child should still be seen on our screens with flees on his face with an inflated belly, no f....way. We know and we've know ed for ages, I'm talking about basic survival needs here not the end of the world; we have zillionnaires, billionaires, millionaires and 1 god am dollar taken once a year from people's tax revenue around the world, isn't enough? yes it is enough. What is not enough seems to be the ''Will''to resolve this infamy that to me, gives the human race a ''black eye''. This as lasted enough, no more excuses, we knew, we know and will eradicate this unacceptable human condition once and for all; when? NOW! ______________________________________________

The generation that knew part 2

-- what else do we know; Sartre said '' we know everything except how to live'' How does it feel to know all so much and wondering why crucial issues don't appear to find their resolutions faster than ''the good old days''. We know about famine and we all feel that the problem is an eternal recurrence; I say '' bullshit'' I say it's doable to make sure most human beings (especially children) have enough to eat daily to prevent death and diseases. We also know about Children abuse, Children working as slaves, Children sold, (who would buy a child anyway?) We know about Pedophilia and Pedophilia in the clergy and in sports; . When do we look away and when do we act,denounce? Have you ever heard a noise from a neighbour sounding like ''Smack'' on a woman or child? (sometimes on a man from a woman).

 Not of our business? How about incest? it used to be our National sport here in ''the good old days'' still rampant. Do we really understand the psychological lasting ''marks'' it leaves on the youth? and do we know that there's an accomplice lurking in the background as we won't even begin to imagine who it is in most cases? Just a demonstration that ''Silence'' is too often the enemy of the victims and ''being mute about it, is the equivalent of consent'' How about the mistreatment of the Elderly in Long stay centers and even in hospitals, here, we need to install cameras to make sure are Parents are ok. Maybe we should forget about ''the golden rule'' and start denouncing. Not a pretty picture hey,but before I'm finished, I'll probably have a part 3 and 4 about what we know. Too bleak? Too pessimistic? There's plenty of blogs out there you can read that will make you feel good about this world., but for me the ratio between Good&Evil is too high in favor of Evil, what can I say.

Now, I know you could say well '' when we denounce, the system is too slow to act upon and demands proof after proof, and lawyers always find a way to get them out on the street again...Break the silence as a ''new trend '' make it a ''moral obligation'' (I'm not talking about becoming an informer) to protect the more vulnerable and make it difficult for the ''abusers'' to perpetrate their crimes....

The Generation that knew part 3

OK, lets go on the Health issues and what we know: we know about sexual transmitted disease STD
AIDS and Hepatitis C are transmitted from blood exchange (microscopic) through our capillary vessels found in our mucous membranes in the nose,the anus, the vagina; other STD like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea ,Syphilis,Herpes and so many more, can be transmitted through body fluid as they are from the Bacterium family of diseases. So? Lets use condoms right? I know, what a drag it can be, and sometimes people who are responsible uses the condoms for a while, but because their relationship becomes ''official'' and '' we have fallen in love''the usage of condoms takes a back seat (sort of speak) Huh,...? Not pleasant to get tested, but its the only way isn't it?

We know much more about what's a ''good and a bad food for us; on the other hand, we see famous dietetics ,oncologist, food experts, die at a very early age; Fruits, Vegetable, non-saturated fatty food are a given; what about comfort food? very important to me, as I think a balance diet and relenting to fast food makes for a happier ''Joe bloe and Jane bloe'' but that's only my take on food. One of the problem seen with all this information about food, is that it makes for lots of people becoming ''obsessed'' to the point of a nevrotic stage. Now we're spending a fortune on some bio produce and products thinking that we will avoid getting cancer or increasing our chance to prevent it. Yeah, I can see that, BUT HALF THE WORLD IS STARVING AND MAYBE YOUR OWN NEIGHBOUR FOR GOD SAKE; don't you feel a bit ''too precious'' sometimes?....ok sorry about that.

So Science has dominated the forefront of everything that shapes our lives; after we've killed Philosophy and the philosophers, our capacity to think on our own as diminished to the point of reaching a ''compfortably numb'' state of mind thus letting the government and news people do the job for us; the Church use to be our Master of Thoughts but they were dismissed in the 60's for having abused their ''power''.
Mr. Stephen Hawking the great Physicist recently said '' if we want to save the human race, we'll have to start thinking of leaving this planet and begin populating elsewhere in space'' right, this to me, is like buying your second home knowing that the roof is leaking and your basement floor is all cracked. We know that this human race is a messed up one, that thrives on messing up things; so I must say(humbly) that even the ''greatest Physicist'' in the world is not necessarily a '' Metaphysicist'' as most Philosophers agreed that Science alone will never suffice to resolve our be continued...